Transmission Repairs & Replacements in Salinas, CA

Transmission Repairs and Replacements

It might be time for maintenance or replacement if your transmission makes odd noises or shifts gears improperly. Transmission repairs can be pricey, and in some circumstances, it may be more economical to replace the transmission entirely, depending on the severity of the problem.

Your transmission problems can be identified and fixed at Trustlane Automotive. We’ll consult with you to decide if repairs or replacement is the best course of action. We employ high-quality materials, and only trained professionals finish the job correctly.

Typical Transmission Issues

Modern cars are susceptible to several common transmission issues, such as hard shifting, slippage, and overheating.

  • When the gears don’t change smoothly from one position to another, there may be jarring movement or abrupt lurches forward.
  • Slipping is a condition in which the engine revs, but the car doesn’t move, pointing to a clutch or transmission issue.
  • Today’s cars frequently experience overheating, which can be brought on by drained fluids or a stressed-out transmission system.


Even though many of these problems are pretty minor and can be quickly remedied by a mechanic, taking care of them immediately is crucial to avoid more serious harm. Additionally, routine inspection and maintenance might reduce your likelihood of running into these problems later. With the proper care, you can guarantee that the transmission in your car will continuously operate smoothly and effectively.

Contact Trustlane Automotive immediately if you’re having gearbox issues or want to ensure your car is running safely. We can identify and fix your transmission problems, and we’ll collaborate with you to decide whether repairs or replacement is the best course of action. 

Signs That A New Transmission Is Needed

Over time, the transmission in your car will deteriorate and cause numerous issues. The following signs may indicate that it’s time to have your transmission serviced:

  • Shifting problems: One of the first signs that your transmission isn’t working correctly is trouble shifting. Have a professional look at your car to see if it is getting harder to shift into the appropriate gear or if it seems “stuck” in one gear.
  • Leaking fluid: Your transmission’s cooling and lubrication are both aided by transmission fluid. If you notice a pool of red or brown liquid beneath your automobile, there may be a leak in the transmission system.
  • Grinding and shaking: The indications of severe transmission degradation include grinding or shaking. When changing gears, if the automobile shakes or grinds, you should get it checked out straight away because this could indicate a significant issue.


Do not hesitate to bring your car to Trustlane Automotive for repairs if you notice any of these symptoms. Early problem detection frequently results in cost savings on more expensive repairs.

Trustlane Automotive Transmission Replacement and Repair

In Salinas, California, Trustlane Automotive is the place to go for transmission maintenance and repair. All transmission types, including manual and automatic transmissions and high-performance transmissions for various kinds of automobiles, are our areas of expertise. Our team of skilled ASE Certified mechanics will collaborate with you to provide your vehicle with the care and attention it requires, whether you are facing a severe problem or need periodic maintenance and repairs. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many years of experience, plus, we are RepairPal certified, allowing us to complete the task successfully. So don’t look any further than Trustlane Automotive if you’re looking for repair or replacement services!

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