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Oil Services

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Proper lubrication of all the moving parts means less gas is wasted on overcoming internal friction and more of it is transferred to the tires and wheels to get the vehicle going. Eventually, oil and the vehicle’s other lubricants require replacement because the fluids break down over time and become less effective. By replacing the lubricants, your vehicle operates with greater efficiency. We’ve got conventional and synthetic engine oil along with all the other key fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


You heard the cliche countless times, “where the rubber meets the road”. It’s where your car makes contact with the pavement. Believe it or not – you, your passengers and vehicle are all depending on four little contact patches, each one about the size of your hand. Literally and figuratively, a lot is riding on your tires. They’re important. We offer all major tire brands in all-season, high-performance, heavy-duty and off-road. When it’s time to replace those rubber donuts, come on by and we can chat about the best options for your budget.


It’s that rectangular pedal to the left of “Go”. Or, if you’re stick shifter, it’s that middle one. We all like going fast and feeling the surge of acceleration, but eventually, it’s all gotta come to a stop. If your brake pedal is feeling mushy, too hard, pulsating or you’re hearing scraping sounds every time you brake, it’s time for you to “stop by” and see us. We’ve got all the brake parts and fluid services your vehicle will need to get stopping again. We’ll “fix it until it brakes”.


We’ve already noted the importance of tires. Shocks and in broader terms, your vehicle’s suspension help to keep your tire’s contact patch in contact with the pavement. A tire that’s off the ground isn’t doing any good. Some of the dead giveaways to worn shocks: a bouncy ride, bottoming out on dips and unevenly worn tires with wavy patterns. In some cases, those wavy uneven tires can create humming/buzzing noise while driving – quite annoying. We can get your ride smooth again without “shocking” your wallet.


Nowadays, a “tune-up” is a bit of a misnomer. When cars had old-tech carburetors and ignition systems, a tune-up was an annual ritual. With today’s more modern vehicles, it’s become more of an all encompassing term to denote maintenance or more specifically, the 30k, 60k, 90k etc service intervals. We have access to all the manufacturer recommended service interval schedules to ensure proper up-keep of your ride. After all, nobody likes an engine that’s singing out of tune.


Would you want to wear out your brand new shoes in a month? We didn’t think so. Well, if your vehicle isn’t going straight, steering wheel is off-center or your tires have uneven wear, then it’s time to get an alignment. A proper alignment will ensure that your vehicle stays pointed down the road, steers responsively and tires wear evenly and last longer. Our computerized laser alignment along with any needed suspension adjustments will get things back in line and moving in the right direction.

Check Engine Light

The dreaded “check engine light” in your dashboard is like the “blue screen of death” on your computer. It’s your vehicle’s way of telling you that it doesn’t feel so good. It could be a simple small issue or a much larger problem. The only way to find out is to connect to the vehicle’s systems and perform a diagnostic evaluation. The vehicle systems don’t necessarily direct or pinpoint us to the root of the problem. They provide symptoms of the “sickness” and areas to dig deeper into. From there, it’s where automotive diagnostic skills come into play to narrow down and isolate the possible causes and eventually, come up with the recommend repairs. It’s an involved and comprehensive process that takes time.


Most modern vehicles have transmissions that can live well past 100k miles. However, at some point the transmission starts acting funny, shifting rough, bucking, etc. In some cases, the vehicle’s engine is revving but it’s not moving as fast as it used to or not at all. These are symptoms of a tired and worn transmission. It may be worthwhile to rebuild the transmission if the vehicle is in overall good shape. We offer transmission services including complete rebuilds that include a full 3 month/50,000 mile warranty.


There are two basic sections of an engine: the lower section called the “bottom end” which includes the main engine block and oil pan and the upper section called the “top end” or more commonly the “head”. There are a multitude of factors that may cause internal failure within any of these sections. Overheating, oil sludge, snapped timing belts and blown head gaskets are just several examples that can lead to engine failure. We can examine the damage and assess whether or not the engine can be rebuilt. We offer complete engine and head rebuilds with a full 3 month/50,000 mile warranty.


A new vehicle is always preferable to a used one since it comes with a warranty and that great new car smell. However, some of us simply can’t afford a new car and must consider a used one. With the proper precautions, buying a used car is the best overall value. Having the vehicle inspected by a reputable repair shop is just one of the many steps you’ll need to take before buying the vehicle. We offer a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper digital inspection of the vehicle and all its systems. Our detailed report will highlight problem areas to be aware of before you buy. It can save you from hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road.